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Throughout the production of the Hunter’s Journal, we’ve also been filming a few of the hunts that feature in the magazine. Over the years we’ll release these films we’ve created, and this page will become the home to a selection of our own videos and others that have contributed to magazine. Definitely worth staying tuned for.

King of the Mountain

In October last year, we jumped in on an adventure with the NZDA Wellington branch. This was their annual club Tahr hunt that brought 8 guys down to the South Island to embark on one hell of an experience.

What you don’t see in this film until the very end, is the four other hunters that came along for the journey. We followed and told the story of Brent, Ben and Gwyn who are seasoned Tahr hunters. They were looking to shoot a couple of mature Bull Tahr and to also take out a few nannies doing their part to contribute towards managing the population. They made the trek down with four blokes Garth, Daniel O, John and Daniel H. As Ben, Brent and Gwyn flew into Hunters Hut, the others got a taxi to the tops across the other side of the Wanganui river. This is where they would set up camp for the next 7 days, whilst on the lookout for some Tahr to hunt. For some, this was their first time hunting these alpine creatures.

That right there is the NZDA branches goal, to bring together both experienced hunters and first timers to share and pass on knowledge that would have never been available otherwise. And what’s even more powerful than that? The simple fact that these club hunts bring together like minded people, creating lifelong relationships. Personally, I have built a solid, longstanding friendship with these men, which never would have occurred if it wasn’t for this hunt. Being a hunter is pretty mundane when you’re surrounded by friends and colleagues who don’t understand your passion for the outdoors. So to be able to have an club or a sense of community where you can come to meet people that share both your drive and desire, is something rare and worth being a part of.

Are you a member of a hunting or shooting club, association, foundation or society? Have you made a donation to help fund the recent calls to action? If your answer is “no” to either, why not? The NZDA has made important contributions to hunting, not only for its members at ground level, but for the hunting community as a whole. This flows all the way up the chain, even influencing government policy.

Although this film was created for hunters to enjoy, we also want it to inspire and connect with each and every viewer on a personal level. The under lying message and question here is; Do you appreciate the hunting opportunities we have here in New Zealand? If so, what are you doing to protect it for yourself and the next generation? To have an impact as an individual is near impossible, but together by supporting and organisation such as NZDA through yearly members, allows us, the people, a chance to have our voices heard.

- Cam Henderson // Founder of the Hunters Journal

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