Submission Guidelines

We’re excited to see the adventures you’ve been on and we’re stoked to have you submit to the Hunters Journal Magazine.

We are very select on the articles we publish so not every story submitted will be accepted.

Please send between 100 to 150 images which take us through the full hunt. Do not send us any more than 200 images. Images need to be 300dpi. Please don’t send 72 Dpi. We’ve attached a video below running you through how to correctly export your images from Lightroom.

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Either paste a google document link here or Paste the full story
Name of photographer and Writer with Instagram handles
Eg. Nightforce SHV 4-10/ Firstlite outer wear/ Meindle GLOCKNER MFS Boots
Images must be uploaded to a Pixieset account then share the link and download link below. Head to pixieset.com to set up a free account.
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*Please we do ask that you don’t submit your story to any other magazines or blogs until 10 weeks after the Hunters Journal feature. After this exclusive timeframe has passed we are more than happy for you to share your adventures images and story with any other publications or blogs. Publication on your own website, blog, social media channels etc. is absolutely fine. Also please make sure you have gained the permission of your photographer or of the hunters featured in the hunt before you submit to Hunters Journal. By completing and returning this form both the Hunter and the photographer are giving Hunters Journal permission to publish and feature images on our website and social media platforms. As well as published in our quarterly book publication, if selected.